Jan 11, 2008

A Change in the Weather

The last week has been filled with insane amounts of rain and torrential winds. It has been miserable. Ben, being a young boy who likes to go outside, certainly had a small amount of cabin fever. But he handled it well, and we found things to do indoors. He is home now. On the day he left there was definately a change in the dreary weather, as there was some sunshine and very little wind. It was a good way to send him off, not having to pack all his things out to my parents RV in the horendous rain.

As the weather has lightened a little in Humboldt, and the change was nice, so too shall the weather change here. I have recently commented on the things Ben and Delia and I have been doing, showing off photo's, and generally accounting the for the chaos that was our Christmas Vacation (and a perfect chaos it was, and I wouldn't trade it for anything). At times I found there were other things on my mind, but did not share them because it seemed there were other things that were more important at the time (I will always put my son first before me).

So now that he is home, I believe there will be a different feel to things here. I'll be posting pictures still, as Ben loves to see us on the Internet. But most of the pictures will be posted to Flickr and I will make sure there is some sort of notification posted here. I believe this is going to turn into more of a journal, of sorts. Random thoughts and comments on my life in general.

So stay tuned, or whatever you need to do, and I'll be posting more soon.


  1. Adam,

    I want to see pictures of your "remodeled house" - the bedroom and the family room. I also requested a picture of your ornmanents.... don't forget! :)

  2. Hi VOR. I enjoy reading your blog. You have a great writing style (to add to your many VOR qualities!) I bet your house is pretty quiet without Ben there. It looked like you guys had some wonderful time together. That makes me happy!

    Oh, and I'm with Christy -- I want pictures of your house! J


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