Jan 21, 2008

Dilemma solved.

First, a few words on "machismo."

According to Wikipedia: Machismo is a prominently exhibited or excessive masculinity. As an attitude, machismo ranges from a personal sense of virility to a more extreme masculism. In many cultures, machismo is acceptable and even expected.

Our new little friend, we believe, shows the very definition of this, Machismo. He has a little bit of a strut, he arches his back and shows off, and he is a brave little one. The very definition of Machismo. Of course, we couldn't call him that so the idea had to be shortened down.

The end result is Chimo (that's "chee-moe"). We like the name, and think it fits nicely.

Welcome to he family Chimo. I think you'll fit in nicely.


  1. I like it! I tried to send a comment last night with a suggestion, but it wouldn't send. This is a better idea anyway. I was trying to figure out what you were going to do with Machismo and Chimoe is perfect! Sometimes you just have to live with a critter for a bit to get the right name, I think. He's very pretty (as he apparently knows!) Welcome Chimoe! J

  2. Cute kitty - I keep saying when Moreno is gone, no replacement dogs for at least a few months. (I'd like to take at least one family vacation without having to find a dog sitter or pay for a kennel.) But, I wonder if that will really happen. We all discuss what type of dog we will get when Moreno is gone, so I figure it will be sooner than I plan. I like the kitty's name, very creative! What's going to happen when it's time to name a baby?

  3. Christy, bite your tongue. I can't imagine how we would deal with that when the time comes (I can only imagine it will, eventually). Do you think it would be ok to have the kid around for a few days, in order to get used to him, before we name him (or her, as the case might be)?

  4. The kitten is really cute and I love the name! Animals are really a part of a family and I sure miss having one. (Don't worry Craig, I promise I won't bring one home, not right away that is!) Anyway, happy new family you guys.
    Love Mom

  5. What a sweet, yet manly, kitten. Good job with the name. :)


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