Jan 3, 2008

The road to.....

There is a common saying that says, "The road to hell is paved with good intentions." I guess I should make it clear from the beginning that this is not a statement on the status of my eternal salvation, but only a comment on my life and the way it seem t wind. I am a firm believer that if the road is paved with good intentions, it is first leveled out with Procrastination. While I prefer to think that I am not a road paver, as I generally follow through with the things I have a mind to do, I am most certainly skilled at leveling the surface ahead of time.

I have always been one to put things off until the last minute and, sadly, sometimes even longer. as a result, I tend to finish most of my projects in a short amount of time feeling a certain rush in order meet a required deadline. Case in point, I have a memo due tomorrow that I have had almost 3 weeks to complete, yet barely started working on just 3 days ago.

There is a certain amount of change happening at the office. People have been promoted to new positions, people are being assigned to new positions and new people are being hired to fill vacant positions. Many people, myself being one of them, believe in the idea that change is good. With change comes new ideas and with new ideas comes a better working environment (in theory anyway). The people who have been promoted are people who think that way. I respect them and look forward to the changes that will be coming about.

Now, I am applying to be one of those being reassigned to a position. That position requires quite a lot of time at the office, a different work schedule and a uniform change (one of the perks of this reassignment, in my humble opinion). This position usually garners a fair amount of good natured competition between my co-workers. Knowing this, I should have been more prepared to file my memo. I should have spent more time preparing. About the only thing that I know will go right with my application is it will look good. For those that are in a business where presentation counts for something like this, remember that resume paper always makes a memo look better than the standard 20 lb, bright white printer paper.

So as I write this, at about 2330 hours, my memo is complete. It can be printed on a single sheet of paper, and is only one page long (although we are allowed a maximum of two pages to make our case). I figure I can have a couple people read it and critique the thing. After all, its always good to get the opinion of your colleagues, and I can make adjustments as needed. The end result will be in the hands of the powers that be.

I think the end result here is simply that I am not paving any roads. But for those making the trip, the road sure will be level.

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