Jan 1, 2008

A wishing well, a zoo and a park.

We went to the wishing well today. Ben picked out special pennies to throw down there, they were both very shiny and looking like they were nearly brand new, prime wishing material.

We both made the agreement that we would not share our wishes with each other, as that would make it so that our wishes could not come true. So I do not know what his wish was, nor does he know what my wish was.
That's one of the things about wishes. Keeping them secret, and leaving the consequences to hope, makes them that much more special.

This young man has always had a special liking for goats. I don't know why, probably because he simply loves anything to do with animals. For that I can't blame him. With a dog, 2 cats, a box turtle, 3 fish and two fire bellied newts, I can't say anything about loving animals to anyone else. But I have always appreciated his love of animals, and try to encourage that love any time that I can. Here in Eureka, its easy enough, as the petting zoo is around the corner and free. I love this place some times.

Along with the Zoo, and Sequoia Park, there is the Park (actually part of Sequoia Park). Swings, slides, and BBQ pits. Its not a bad park, and there is plenty for a little guy to do.

Here Ben had me give him few pushes on the swing, and he was busy playing with the old bicycling gloves of mine that he found.

We never seem to pass up a chance to walk in the woods. Henry David Thorough would be proud. I have to admit, I never really appreciated this park until the most recent visit of Ben's. I have come to understand that there are things to see and things to do in the park that I really never realized until this trip. For that understanding, I thank my son.


  1. Adam, I love reading your words. You write well. See you soon!
    --Love, Dad

  2. Hi Adam - Sounds like you've got a great kid there (and I don't say that often). Any kid with an appreciation of goats and forests is OK with me. Lovely blog you have here. I'll be baaack (she says her her worst governator voice).


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