Sep 7, 2009

Day 2 - The Great B-Movie Disappointment

There was a time when I would get together with my friends and watch B-Movies. You all know the kind I'm talking about. They are typically touted as Sci-Fi originals or "The scariest movie ever made." As a standard practice, they feature "stars" with unknown names and questionable talent. Every now and then you find a movie with a name you recognize, but know the actor in question hasn't made a legitimately decent film in years, Mark Hamil comes to mind. After the Star Wars trilogy he fell off the map. Now you can find him on Netflix in a ridiculous looking sci-fi movie that doesn't even look interesting enough for me to remember the title here.

This morning, after seeing Wife off to work, I took Bear for a brisky walk. Now, this poor dog saw the leash come out and got all excited. Little did he know I intended to work up a sweat on this walk, and so it goes that he was destined to work up a sweat as well. Half way through our walk, when passing the side street that goes to our house, I thought he was going to simply sit down and refuse to walk any further. I wore him out. Now he is sound asleep near my feet as I begin to tell of my great disappointment this morning.

I got home, showered, and decided to cruise the streaming movies on Netflix. I found one. Dark Rising. Something to do with a woman who is trapped in some sort of vortex for 20 years and is freed by accident by some would-be campers and enjoyers of a weekend in the woods. Said trapped women now appears to battle zombies wielding an axe and wearing some sort of iron clad bikini (standard zombie slaying attire, right?).

When I was 17 and hanging out with my buddies I would have found this horribly entertaining. Bad acting, violence and blood, and the occasional booby shot to offset the horrendous acting. Again, for a 17 year old hanging with his friends this combination certainly seems to be a winning one. Much like picking the winning numbers on the power ball would be for me now.

Man, was I disappointed. The acting, as expected, was horrible. The story line was ridiculous and hardly palatable given the horrendous acting. And even the occasional booby shot simply didn't make the whole thing worth the effort. After about 37 minutes (I paused the movie to simply see how far I made it through this horrific movie experience) i turned it off, shook my head, and retreated to the computer to reflect on this experience.

Perhaps, my taste in movies has matured far more than I had ever realized. My palat simply can't withstand such a brutal assault on the taste buds as this movie left.

What happened? Is it I am older and simply more mature? I'm not sure that is really the answer here. Is it that I am more refined and a movie snob and require a more stylized movie, with a real plot and acting to support it? Maybe.

Or is it simply I need the companionship of friends to enjoy such a ridiculous movie watching effort?

Who knows? I can tell you this, however, I won't be watching Jane Ere (did I spell that right?) or Casablanca any time soon.

Now where did I put my copy of Blade Runner?

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  1. Bladerunner, now that is a fine movie!


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