Sep 21, 2009

Glorious Meat and a complete and utter failure.

Over the weekend, I had one day off.  Saturday.  In one sense, it was a pretty good day.  In another sense, it was a day of complete and utter failure.

So, on with the good and the bad.

The good:

Wife and I seem to rarely get  a day off together.  This is for various reasons.  The fact that I work graveyards has a lot to do with it.  For what usually amounts to more than half the week, our schedules conflict and we don't see each other for more than about an hour a day.  Top that off with being in the morning, while she is getting ready for work, and it equals out to less than an hour.  However, we had Saturday off.  So after I slept most of the day, we decided to go out for dinner.

Where you ask?  Why the AA of course.  Now the AA, at its best, is still a bar.  The fact that they charcoal grill steaks is simply an added bonus.  Its even More than a bonus, its nye upon a pearl in the rough.  Looking at it from the outside, it looks a little shady.  Its right across from the county hoosegow (and yes, according to the dictionary, that is the correct spelling for a slang work referring to a jail).  Its underneath a set of downtown apartments that generally look like only those on probation and making use of some sort of assisted living fund live there.  But when you walk in to the place, there is a whole different feel. 

The floors are all hardwood.  The spacious, polished horseshoe bar has nice stools around it, and a polished brass foot rail to boot.  The center island, while surrounded by your typical bar-type accoutrement's is topped by a large fish tank that is always immaculate and lively. 

Then there is the food.  Might I suggest the ribeye?  A solid choice.  Always cooked to perfection, and you really can't beat the char that results from the charcoal grilling.  Sure, you might get some of the average rif-raff that comes with a bar setting, but if you manage your times and simply eat a little earlier in the evening, its well worth the effort.

After a tasty dinner we came home, and watched the season openers of Bones and Survivor.  All in all, a quality evening spent with the one I love the most.

 Now for the complete and utter failure.

I failed to post on Saturday.  Apparently, my idea about posting during my waking periods fell slightly short and somehow I completely failed to post on Saturday. 

I have no excuses, I make no excuses.

But I do wonder....

Does a double post on the 11th absolve me this heinous crime against NaBloPoMo?  Is there a governing board I can appeal to?  Do I need to fill out an appeal form, in triplicate?

I would, you know.

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  1. Yes, my son, you are absolved.


    Father McNaBloPoMo


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