Sep 22, 2009

A small reprieve and a bit of thanks.

Its been a long week. I am now faced with two whole days off. The only saving grace to this torturous week is spending the next two nights with Wife, and knowing Oktoberfest is around the corner.

Now, on to something a little more meaty. 

One of the hard parts about my profession is knowing that even though you don't always get along with others you work with, you still have to be there to watch each others backs. Wait, its not really that hard; its actually one of the easiest parts. 

Case in point:

Last night we were faced with a fairly emotional and somewhat unstable subject.  In a rare moment, I even raised my voice to this person, and even issued out a bit of an ass chewing.  In the process, another co-worker came to stand by (even though he was on a break). 

Did he have to do this?  No.  Did I expect him to do this?  No.  Was I grateful for this?  Yes. 

It was simple thing he did, really.  And it simply did my heart good to be reminded that we are all there for each other.  Were I in his shoes, I would have done exactly the same. 

We are a close knit, if somewhat dysfunctional, family at work.  Its good every now and then to remember the things that really make us functional.  I'm grateful for the people I work with, who have the clarity of thought and the where-with-all to realize that something as simple as a raised voice usually signifies something out of the ordinary (especially when its coming from me).

Even though 95% of the people I work with will never read this, I thank.  I appreciate them.  And I will always be there when they have need to raise their own voices. 

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