Sep 10, 2009

I dig in... to the cat boxes.

If there is one thing that comes along with pet ownership, its cleaning up after said pets.
Lets take a look at our household, for example.
There is Bear (the dumb-as-a-rock dog), Ubu (the I'm-and-cranky-but-you-better-love-me cat), Tia (the I-got-teeth-fixed-and-now-I-can't-stop-eating-so-I-weigh-ton cat) and Chimo (the I'm-a-curious-kitten-who-hasn't-learned-how-to-control-my-claws-very-well-and-I'm-sorry-about-the-puncture-holes-in-your-lip kitten).
For todays post, we are focusing on the cats. 
Cats obviously have their own personalities.  Fortunately, all the cats have decent ones.  Wife would argue that Tia is horribly annoying and wouldn't miss her if she were gone, but I can see through her facade.  Deep down somewhere, she cares. 
Now, these cats have the run of the house.  Even Bear is a little weary of them most of the time.  And of course, they have litter boxes (after all, responsible pet owners don't let indoor cats outside, right?). 
Cleaning the little boxes is a task that has fallen to me.  I can't say I really mind this, but it seems like such a chore to simply get in there once a day and scoop out a little mess.  This simple act would cut down on mess and smell to great extent.  So why is it I can't seem to get myself to this?
The cats, are obviously grateful when the boxes are cleaned, as evidenced by the fact they jump right in and enjoy a clean potty. 
Who knows, really.  I do my best, which sadly some would say is not very "best" at all.  But cats are happy, thats for sure.  They certainly aren't left wanting.  Sometimes I wonder if we are taking care of them, or its the other way around?  But perhaps that is a thought for another time.

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