Sep 9, 2009

A minor set back, and renewed determination.

It’s currently 10:15 pm.  I was afraid I wouldn’t make my quota.
I got home this morning after spending the better portion of my night hacking, coughing and sweating.  I got home, thinking I would make myself hot cup of tea and get all hopped up on cold medication.  However, that didn’t pan out for me.  I laid down on the bed and promptly fell asleep a few minutes later.  I woke up a short time later as Wife was saying goodbye.  Then I didn’t wake up again until about 4 pm. 
How great is that?  Nearly 10 hours of good solid sleep.  Obviously, it was needed.  Today, I do feel a little on the better side.  I certainly feel better rested.  But sadly, this small invasion of virus-type intruders has set me back a little.  There was not gym trip this morning.  And, as evidenced by my late and rather hasty post, I nearly fell behind in my NaBloPoMo. 
But I will not give up.  I will not relent.  I will torture myself tomorrow at the gym.

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