Sep 11, 2009

The need to focus is sudenly becoming clear.

Is it cheating if start my post before midnight?  I don't really think so , since I work all night.  And as I have often said in the past, I seem to always be way more inspired to write something when I am working.  I'm sure this has more to do  with me not wanting to work over any sort of late-night inspiration.  But in the end, it is what is it.  You know?
So, I am on day 6 of my goal to post something every day.  One thing this has certainly done is point out to me, more than anyone else, is without taking a day or so to sit and think, and edit, and think, and edit, my writing seems to be horriby unorginized.  My thoughts, which are seriously random, seem to bounce from margin to margin.  There are no filters, there are no boundaries.  Its a free for all. 
So I need some direction.  I need a sort of Blogger's GPS.  I need a goal and path to get there.  Now what happens while traveling this path is completely up in the air right now.  So for for now, I am looking for a theme. 
NaBloPoMo has a specific theme for the month: Beautiful.  Yeah, not really my topic.  Is this shying away from the challange?  Perhaps.  But if I am in my infintile stages of me one post a day, should I really challange my own determination?  Or is it I am being realistic, and recognizing my limits given my current mental conditioning?  Of course, I am a fan of the latter option.  It makes me seem more self aware.  And how can that be a bad thing?

So the hunt for a theme begins.  I wager I'll come up with something soon.  But the need for focus is clear.  Right now I don't even know how I will implement this whole idea.  Remember, infantile stage here.

More to follow, I'm sure.

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  1. The new blog format here seems to be having some techniacal issues with the comment section. I'm working on that.


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