Dec 23, 2007

Allow me to introduce my nemisis, Mr. W. Block.

I have honestly tried to make an entry over the last couple of days. Don't get me wrong, I am not apologizing for not making an entry, for I have learned that is not acceptable in the blogger's realm. But whom people don't seem to talk about (weather through simple omission of fear of retaliation, I don't know which) is my new foe; the one who haunts me at night and lurks in the shadows at day. I mean no other than Mr. Writers Block. This guy is evil to the core. Because of Mr. Block I have actually started this entry about 6 times, and deleted every attempt, shaking my head and cursing Mr. Block's name. But my fingers are agile this morning and it seems I have given him the slip. So now, I can continue with my idea, as disjointed as they are, and you are welcome to peruse them.
The most important thing I can report on is that Ben has arrived for Christmas Vacation. Now Christmas Vacation is nothing new t us, as we always have some time of the year that we get a chance to celebrate this holiday. This one is special, though, because it is the first time that I have had the munchkin here for Christmas Morning. So as stated in previous entries, we are hoping to make this a Christmas to remember. Cookies, carols and copious amounts of egg nogg. How can we go wrong??

One of the finer points of where we live is that Sequoia Park is our backyard. It is literally about a 30 second walk from my backyard to the park. And it really is quite beautiful inside. This is the rope swing Ben and I found last year. I don't know that it will hold his weight this year, as Ben seems a little bigger, and a little taller, and he eats enough for about 4 kids. But its still an excellent walk. And the park is home to one of our favorite activities: Salamander Hunting.

The park, with many streams and small water falls is home to an unbelievable amount of salamanders. It is cool, damp, and the perfect home for our amphibian friends. I will make sure there is photo documentation of one of our expeditions later this week.

On our expeditions, Ben likes to leave no stone unturned, and not waterfall unexamined. Such is the life of the Salamander Hunter. Over the course of the next few weeks I imagine we will be headed into the park quite often. We will update everyone with our finds, and anything else that is exciting we come across.

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