Dec 27, 2007

A small reflection.

Here are a few facts: 1) I do not consider myself a professional photographer. 2) I barely know how to use the different functions of our digital camera. 3) Every now and then I happen to capture something and think to myself, "Dang, that looks nice."

One of the nice parts about Ben's visits to Eureka is Sequoia Park. This park, populated by thousands of Red Wood trees is litterally in my backyard. And I think I go down there about as many times as Ben makes it to Eureka. Yeah, its one of the things I tell everyone about when talking about home, yet I never really go down there. There are a thousand trails throughout the park, and a duck pond at the bottom. Here we are looking over the duck pond from a trail the slowly crawls up a ravine with a little creek. Its one of our favorite places to walk. This picture was taken at about 8 in the morning. There was still a little morning fog and I think we were about the only people there. Really, quite nice.

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  1. Very nice picture - even the pros sometimes capture pics like that on accident - I'm not a pro, though. I wish!


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