Dec 24, 2007

Fixed, sort of.

And no, I wasn't "fixed," I simply had to make a return trip to the Urgent Care Center and make a second attempt at getting what I needed.

According to Wikipedia, Cortisone is a steroid hormone. It naturally produced in the body, along with adrenaline, and had various effects on the body as it is released. Recognizing the usefulness of Cortisone, a fellow by the name of Edward Calvin Kendall chemically produced Cortisone in 1950. This medical breakthrough earned him the Nobel Prize.

Last night, a medical Dr (who was rather impatient and somewhat abrupt) told me I was crazy for thinking she would give me a cortisone shot, thinking I might have an infection in my ankle that was causing the problem. She based this theory on the amount of swelling involved. I tried to explain to her that it was a normal thing for me to have somewhat swollen ankles, but she wouldn't have any of it.

Today, at about 9 am, I saw another Doctor. This doctor was no where near as busy, and after seeing the X-ray, said, "Those are the most horrific ankles I have ever seen. You must have a really high pain threshold. I don't see any signs of infection, myself. And even if I did, I think I would still give you the shot, because looking at your x-rays I figure you have nothing to lose."

That guy is my hero. Of course, as I anticipated, I felt nearly instant relief when I was administered the cortisone. I have included a couple of scans of the x-rays, to hopefully show those who are reading this exactly why it was the Doc figured my case was hopeless.
A typical ankle joint is a ball and socket. As you can see, these images here (courtesy of the guy who had to be called in for these x-rays) show that mine resembles nothing of the sort. Its basically 2 flat ends chipping away at each other. Someday, ankle fusion will be my only option, but until then I'll continue to plug along and do what I can.
Merry Christmas everyone. I'll be reporting in after Christmas Morning.


  1. adam. Theyre just as bad as I remember
    did the doc say when fusion might be necessary
    love mom

  2. No, he simply said what other doctors have said. "no matter what, you are looking at ankle fusion some time in the future."

  3. Adam, don't you believe 'em. Those xrays of your hip look fine to me.


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