Dec 8, 2007

Just killing time

Its is day two of my ordered days off, and I'm sitting here are Dean's killing time while Dean and Tracy (Dean's wife) work on home improvement projects. I'm going to have to file a complaint with these working folks, as they have made me move, mid-blog, in order for them to continue their project.

The christmas party was last night, and it was a nice evening. Having szaid that, the entertainment left a lot to be desired. In the past we have had professional comedians come into town, and they seem to be hit and miss with how well they do and the reaction from the crowd. Last night, for some reason, we had Sham Tram the Magician. I'm not sure what happened, why they chose this guy (whose normal audiance must have an average age of 10), and why I had to be subjected to such a rough show, but I was. I had to listen to this guy ask the crowd to say the magic word, "Believe", at the count of three in order to complete his trick. Oh well, at least the prime rib was good.

Aside from that, I failed to remember the camera last night, which I really had inteded to bring, so I have no photo's for this event. I have decided that I would like to get myself a small camera that I can pretty much take with me everywhere, but I think that will have to wait untill after christmas.

Well, that all I have for now. I realize its more rambling than anything else, but at least its something.

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  1. Isn't blogging fun (and addictive?) Now I won't have to feel guilty that we never talk on the phone... this is so much easier! Make sure you post some pictures of your tree - the kids will enjoy seeing it!


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