Dec 11, 2007

Its beginning to look like Christmas.

So, I was insanely tired last night when I wrote this, so now I am taking a minute to edit it, to a little proofreading, and hopefully make an entry that makes a little more sense.

Fox Valley Christmas Trees is our preferred place of Christmas Tree purchase. Until this year, they were located outside of town. Not too far, but far enough that it added a little to the general feel of the tree selection. This year, due to some sort of construction at their normal site, they are located in the middle of Eureka, at the old truck stop on Broadway. While this didn't diminish the tree selection at all, it dd take away from the feel a little. Oh well, we still had a good time, and of course take every opportunity to put our mugs up on the Internet.

Since I hurt my back I haven't had to put up any more Christmas lights, which I have to say I am happy about. I love the way the look, I hate putting them up and taking them down. I think this might make me a bit of a Scrooge, but I don't mind. But we did spend the evening decorating the Christmas Tree.

The tree always goes in the same spot, in the corner near the front door, which we never use anyway (anyone who comes to visit us actually uses the back door; if anyone uses the front door we can assume its someone we don't know and they can generally be ignored). The lights were hung, the tree topper added, and things are generally looking a little more festive here at the Rossiter household. This afternoon I cleaned up the living room and hung the stockings, hoping the Santa will be kind enough to leave some stuffers there for us. There are stockings for me, Delia, Ben and Bear. We don't have stockings for the cats. This doesn't bother me at all, and I think the only reason Delia hasn't made a stink about is that it hasn't occurred to her (which all might change as soon as she reads this).

Well, tonight we have a bunch of people coming over to remove our pool table. I might have a few pictures from that and a post to go with it. We'll see. So until next time, every one have a fun (I'm sure mom, dad, Craig and Kim are).

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  1. Love your tree - I miss real trees, but I'm not willing to aggrivate my allergies to get one! Instead I buy a tree scented candle and burn it whenever people come over!


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