Dec 13, 2007

Lounging on a cold afternoon

I don't know what it is, but the last time I attempted to keep some sort of web log of our lives, I set it all up, payed 5 bucks a month and did nothing with it. Weird. Now, with a free thing no obligation at all, I find myself sitting here way to often finding something to write. But that seems to be what today is lending itself to. Its fricking cold outside, in fact I think there is still grass outside that is frosted over from last night. So its a lounge around the house day. As you can see here, Bear feels the same way. We spend all sorts of money on dog beds for this goofy dog and all he wants to do is sleep on the couch when he thinks no one is looking. And then when he is caught, he seems to be showing no remorse for his actions. I think maybe this dog is a little too comfortable for his own good.

Well, now we can see why Bear is on the couch. Ubu is sleeping on his bed. The cats are worse than the dog. We let them pretty much go where ever they want, yet they all choose to sleep on the dog beds, as seen here in this example. And Bear, even though he is well over 2 or 3 times their size, seems to be a little afraid of the cats. So as you can see there is an obvious dilemma here. Poor dog. The rest of the cats are scattered around the house. Cat Cat is laying on top of the turtle enclosure (which is a warm spot due to the heat lamp), and Tia (aka: Stinky) is who-knows-where. But she is as bad as the others.

So after a small bit of hunting I found Stinky. She usually comes when she is called so it wasn't that tough, but as with everyone else around here, she is happy to simply lounge and do very little. I guess that's just the time of year that it is.

Well, if anything, this rambling post will let Ben know all the pets are doing ok, and everyone is generally happy (except when I chase them around with a camera).

For now, I have to go outside and put my clothes for the night in the dryer, yes, my return to work is coming way too quickly. Oh well. Until later.

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  1. Dude... how many cats do you guys have??? You have more pets than I have kids and that's saying something! Although Ian wants another guinea pig for Christmas so "Tony" can have a brother... apparently this would benefit all (esp Tony) since guinea pigs aren't happy as loners... at least that's what they say, but maybe it's just a ploy to get you to buy a bunch of them!


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