Dec 4, 2007

Time to play Catch-Up

Ok, so it's Tuesday afternoon, and I have nothing to do right now other than work on this blog page. I am in the process of making some links, hopefully getting some pictures up, and making a few posts tat should be made (which I think will at least make Mom happy). So I think the general idea is this: if there were entries made on the Easy Site, I do not intend to duplicate those. And one that site is down and gone, those entries will be gone forever. On the flip side, I will be making a place where we can post photos (I don't know if there is a photo option on this thing yet) and a lot of the photos from the Easy Site will be here and available with comments for each. So having said that, I apologize if the next couple of days sees a lot entries that seem random and out of order, but they are simply me trying to figure out how to use this site and making sure the family gets their recognition for it.

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