Dec 19, 2007

Perfer et obdura; dolor hic tibi proderit olim.

Be patient, and tough; someday this pain will be useful to you - an ancient Latin phrase.

We are sad to say that there has been a death in our family. Today, at about 2 pm, Kat Kat was put to rest.

Kat Kat has been with Delia for most of her adult life. Kat Kat was her first feline pet.

The old girl loved to be around people, even though she often came across as somewhat aloof. But she loved nothing more than to sit in our laps and purr contentedly, even if we were completely ignoring her. Human companionship made Kat Kat happy (a full bowl of food also made her happy, which she was very vocal about). She loved to sleep by Delia's head, again being completely ignored most of the night, but purring contentedly. If she decided we were moving on from loving her too soon, a few claw swipes or bites to the arm or leg let us know she wasn't done, and neither were we.

Her last days have been obviously uncomfortable for her, and although this decision was tough for us, it was the right thing to do.

Kat Kat is no longer in pain, and resting peacefully.


  1. So sorry -- I was thinking about her today. It is such a wonderful thing we can do for our pets, though. Let them go when it's time. She was very beautiful.

  2. Nicely said. We are sorry about your loss. We love you both.

  3. Adam and Delia, I am so sorry. It's always so hard, especially since she was with you for so long. She is in a better place and no longer hurting. Give your other pets love, as they, too, are missing her.


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